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Three Ways to Protect Your Android Device from Hackers and Cyber Security Breaches

In today's age, when we use our phones for just about everything from taking photos to ordering packages, it's more important than ever to make sure your mobile device is safe and secure. With hackers, intruders, phishing emails, and malware extremely prevalent, it's not so difficult for your private information to fall into the wrong hands.

So as an Android user, how can you make sure your phone is safe?

Antivirus Protection

When it comes to phone safety, antivirus should be your first line of protection. Did you know that Android users are actually at a much higher risk than Apple users for viruses?

Unlike iOs, where users are prompted for frequent updates, Android security updates stop after about three years. According to Tech Advisor, this means roughly a billion Android phones still in use are at risk of being hacked.

Even if your phone is on the newer side, there still exists the threat of faulty Android apps on the Play Store, many of which seem fine on the surface but are actually riddled with malware. If you currently don't have antivirus installed on your phone, now would be a great time to download it.

WiFi Connection Scanning

WiFi is another means through which your personal data and private information might be compromised. Any time you connect to WiFi - even at home - you run the possibility of privacy risks, threats, and unsafe connections.

The best way to combat this potential breach of privacy is by scanning your WiFi connection to make sure it's actually safe. With Shield Launcher, you can actually perform both antivirus and WiFi connection scans as often as you'd like and get a detailed report of any unsafe connections. Why not be extra protected?

App Locking & Password Protection

For ultimate privacy, it's crucial to keep wandering eyes away from your phone, and also to make sure your phone is fully protected in case it's ever lost somewhere. The best way to do this is to lock your apps and password protect them with a fingerprint or code.

App locking not only ensures security, but also prevents unauthorized access to apps that may store sensitive information and personal data.

Looking for something that locks your apps in addition to providing antivirus and WiFi protection? Shield Launcher also does that too. Download it today and start protecting your phone from risks and threats.



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