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Welcome to the world of Android security perfected by our app developer, Bacchus Media. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier protection with our latest innovation: the Shield Antivirus Pro app.


With an advanced malware scanner boasting an impressive 99% detection rate, rest assured that every corner of your device is meticulously scrutinized for potential threats. Our new Permission Manager puts the power back in your hands, allowing you to finely tune app permissions for heightened security and privacy.


Meanwhile, our privacy controls stand guard over your personal data, ensuring it remains yours and yours alone. With our app-lock feature, you can keep sensitive apps shielded from prying eyes, while our WiFi scanning feature provides you with the confidence to surf the web without worry. And for the ultimate in security, leverage our fingerprint and PIN options, ensuring that only you have access to your device's secrets. Embrace peace of mind with Shield Antivirus Pro — where your security is our priority.

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